Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sarah's 5th Birthday

Sarah's birthday celebration started early with Papa and Mama. She followed a trail of ribbon to find a brand new bike!! (I will update later with a picture of Sarah riding her bike). Her first ride on it was at 6am the following morning, too early to remember the camera!

Sarah's birthday stretched further to a camping weekend at Lake Somerset (Somerset Dam) with Nanny and Grandpa and her friends Emma and Jess and their Dad, Mum and Jamie.
On Sunday Aunty Lisa came up for games and cake. We had a treasure hunt, played games, made woven heart loot baskets, opened presents and had Heart Cake. She got some great presents....a Little Pet Shop set, a totem tennis game, Dora DVD, photo of her friends, hair ties, clothes and a scooter.
I couldn't resist taking this picture of Cameron sleeping in his port-a-cot. He's hugging his musical Tigger.