Monday, December 15, 2008

**Slack Blogger Alert**

Here goes.....our life since start of November.



We didn't have too much damage at our place: The tree in the photo is in the park; the 'good neighbour' fencing coped a battering and we had water in our garage.

At the end of November Tadpoles had their Christmas Party. The kids had a great time on a jumping castle and merry-go-round. Santa visited and handed out an early present. And we got to hear each age/class level sing some songs. (Sorry not too many pics of this event as there other kids are in our photos).

We celebrated Mum's birthday with a trip to the Sunshine Coast, it was a nice relaxing time. The next day we went to Underwater World.



Sarah graduated from pre-school! The centre and teachers organised a special ceremony with awards and graduation caps and a party afterwards. The children said a poem....

I'm a graduate, yes it's true
I'm a graduate, oh h oh
A tiny piece of paper, is what I get
So you ought to be proud,
'Cause I'm the graduate

(Sarah finished pre-school at Tadpoles on Wednesday 10 December)

At the start of December our life was turned upside down when Simon was made redunant from his job (along with another bloke who had been there 10 years!). Yay! Just what we needed before Christmas. After applying for quiet a few jobs he scored a storeperson/delieveries job at Repco, Nundah. He started today.

We celebrated by 4wding at the Glasshouse Mountains with picnic lunch. Col getting stuck in the mud made Simon's birthday!


Helen said...

I can't believe Cameron is sitting, what a clever boy! I feel like we're missing so much. And congratulations to Sarah, she looks all grown up in that graduation cap. I can't wait to see you all in March. Give the kids big hugs and kisses from me.

Michael, Kate, Andrew & William said...

Wow!! So much has happened for you all in November, I'm so happy that things have finally worked out. I'm so proud of Sarah, she looks so amazing in her little cap, so cute too. Clever boy Cameron sitting up all by yourself, well done, Aunty Kate is so proud. I'm sad that we're missing so much but I can't wait to see you all soon. Hugs and kisses to the kids.

Renata said...

The kids sure have grown. We have Ellie's christmas party tomorrow, so it will be interesting to hear their song - I know they've been practicing for weeks now. Sorry I haven't sent Sar or Simon their pressies yet - slack aunty alert!!- I have been waiting for our printer - hopefully Dave fixed it last night. Sorry to hear about Simon's job situation - not fun - glad he's found another one though. Looks like you had a great time for his birthday! Dave just found out yesterday that his holidays were different from what he thought, so we may be up there a week earlier! Missing you guys & looking forward to seeing you when we come up!
Lots of love from us!

Sandra said...

Merry Christmas, happy new year Kylie. Hope you had a wonderful one. Those beautiful children of yours are being so clever and coming on in leaps and bounds. Sarah looks so happy about everything, Tadpoles was good for her. And Cameron is gorgeous as always. So glad Simon found work again so soon. I'm sure he'll be happy with Repco. See you soon.