Thursday, October 16, 2008

Open Day at School

Yesterday was the Open Day for Prep students at Sarah's school. We were guided around the school by the Deupty Headmaster. The children got to see and play in the prep playground, have a look at their classrooms and the library. I was able to order her uniforms and got the booklist!

Sarah is very excited and is ready to go to prep. However, I know that the time between now and start of the school year will go too quick (feeling a bit teary just thinking about it) and I will not be ready to send her. My first baby is going to school!!!!


Michael, Kate, Andrew & William said...

Oh wow!!! Big girl Sarah. That's so exciting and yes at the same time scary and sad but so exciting. I'm really looking forward to seeing her all dressed in her uniform on the first day, well see the photo's anyway. Missing you all very much. xxoo Kate

Sandra said...

That is such a beautiful picture of Sar! She looks so happy! You must be happy with the school. It does seem very real once you have orientation and get book lists and uniforms. Eek! It's bitter sweet isn't it?

Renata said...

I know the times going to fly for Ellie as well! - Our open day is later in the year - this term they are going to be taking the preschoolers over to big school for half days & then lead up to a full day!
I think I'm finding it harder Ellie going off than Zai - may be because she's younger. Lovely pic of Sarah - she's looking more like you, Kylie!